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    1. PolyU maintains its place on the cutting edge of socially and globally relevant research by investing in and actively supporting a wide variety of dedicated research centres and facilities.

      Chinese Academy of Sciences - PolyU Joint Laboratories

      Hong Kong Branches of Chinese National Engineering Research Centres

      State Key Laboratories

      Research Institutes

      University Research Facilities

      Research Centres

      Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles

      Faculty of Business

      Faculty of Construction and Environment

      Faculty of Engineering

      Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

      Faculty of Humanities

      School of Hotel and Tourism Management


      PolyU wins Central Government's recognition for State Key Laboratory

      PolyU has a long-established innovative research culture. Our innovations are meant to meet the practical needs of our community, our country and the world. We have established various research centers, including State Key Laboratory of Ultraprecision Machining Technology and State Key Laboratory of Chirosciences. One of our core approaches is to build network with international research and development communities to enhance collaboration opportunities.
      (1) Establishment of State Key Laboratory of Ultraprecision Machining Technology
      The Laboratory is the partner laboratory with the State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments in Tianjin University and Tsinghua University. Its objective to undertake research into ultraprecision machining technologies and nano-surface metrology so as to enhance the capability of Hong Kong and Mainland China in design, fabrication and measurement of advanced optics and critical precision components.
      (2) Development of International Research Centre for Communication in Healthcare
      The Research Centre is jointly established by PolyU and University of Technology Sydney. It serves as a research centre for international development by bringing together internationally renowned scholars, researchers, nurses, doctors and teachers. It provides a unique and dynamic site for members to share and collaborate on existing and future health communication research, international and local health policy and health education curricula development.
      Our research centre keeps pace with international development. Putting our eyes on the international development, our research centre joins hands with overseas corporations and institutions to develop the cutting-edge technology to meet the industrial and societal needs through active technology transfer.