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      • STEM Day 1
      • STEM Day 2
      • AP QEF Project - Kick-off Meeting
      • SP2018_grp 1
      • SP2018_grp 2
      • EDB visit
      • SP2018_1
      • SP2018_2
      • SP2018_3
      • SP2018_4
      • SP2018_5
      • SP2018_6
      • SP2018_7
      • SP2018_8
      • SP2018_10
      • SP2018_9
      • SP2018_11
      • Campus Visits (2017-18)_1
      • Campus Visits (2017-18)_2
      • Campus Visits (2017-18)_4

      About Us

      SSRS is dedicated to strategically liaise with the senior management of secondary schools and to foster a positive relationship with all educational stakeholders in Hong Kong. It is also tasked to publicize the undergraduate programmes of PolyU, in collaboration with different Departments and Units, in a strategic manner.

      The roles and responsibilities of SSRS are:

      • To serve as a single point of liaison at the University for local secondary schools in Hong Kong;
      • In collaboration with different Departments and Units to promote PolyU and its undergraduate programmes;
      • To arrange tailor-made campus visits to enrich students’ understanding of programmes of particular interests and to expose them to the state-of-the-art facilities on the campus;
      • To disseminate up-to-date information about PolyU and its promotional activities to secondary schools through the website; and
      • To strengthen the relationship with the senior management of secondary schools by inviting them to attend PolyU’s functions and events.